Hey guys, I’m Yarik, and I guess I’m DMing this shindig!

Anyways, the setting for this campaign is going to be a generic kind of fantasy land. Pretty standard stuff, just think Lord of the Rings for a quick reference.

We’ll be running 3.5e, as I’m told that’s what would work best for you guys and it’s the only one I’ve DMed before or played very much of. We’ll be doing point buy, with 32 points, so you can be a little creative. Or you can min-max it I guess, but I think all of us will have more fun if you try to avoid that.

For races and classes, just go with what’s in the Player’s Handbook. If you really want to play as something weird, give me a heads-up somehow and we’ll see what we can do. Same thing for class, though if you want to do some kind of homebrew thing I’ll need the progression charted out beforehand.

We’ll be starting out at level 1, although you’ll probably advance up to something more reasonable quickly because level 1 doesn’t stay fun for very long (unless you like playing a character whose combat ability is about on par with a house cat).

For your character’s back story, you can go wild, just keep it within reason. No cavorting with dragons or anything like that, but if you want your character to be the heir to a merchant dynasty or something, that would probably work. The setting is still in the planning stages, so any detail you want to go into about the region your character is from and stuff like that will just make my job easier. Try and write a few paragraphs at least, but don’t limit yourself or anything. More is pretty much always better in this instance.

Your back story should end with your character being forced to flee their home land for one reason or another- this is going to be the starting adventure hook, at least for now. If you have some kind of suggestion for something you think will work better, let me know.

For any questions, suggestions, or comments, you can reach me via E-mail or Windows Live Messenger at silmaril45@yahoo.com

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